Welcome to my blog!

I’m a Norwegian who’s based in Singapore together with my hubby and our three teenagers. We get to have summer everyday! Yay! But the greatest joy of all is to have a church to call home here, and to have the privilege of serving in the youth ministry. We love because He loved us first. 

Besides being a Norwegian in Singapore, I love reading. Especially the Bible. And since it’s summer every day, on my off-days you’ll find me reading outdoors somewhere. The Botanic Gardens and the beach are my favorites. Our own little balcony is wonderful for reading on regular days after work. – Why I love reading the Bible so much? To me reading the Bible is to meet with Jesus in the Word. Not because I ought to or have to, but because I need Him. He is my Savior and Friend. He is my Peace. He is my Righteousness, my right standing before God. He is Grace. Through the Word I’m reminded of Who He is to me, what He has DONE for me, and how He sees me. How wonderful it is to see things/people/circumstances/myself from His point of view.  He loves us so. 

When I read, some verses stir my heart in a special way, and I desired to create some form of treasure box to keep these treasure in – so that I won’t forget them, and perhaps they can even be a blessing to others the way they have been a blessing to me? That’s where this blog comes in. 

I’ve chosen to call this blog  ‘A Life Of Dependence,’ because dependence is what being a believer is all about. I love this quote by Watchman Nee: “The Christian life from start to finish is based upon this principle of utter dependence upon the Lord Jesus.”

In this blog I’ll be sharing:

1. Bible Blog: Jesus-treasures I find in my daily Bible readings
2. Notes & Quotes: Snippets from inspiring books I read and sermons I listen to
3. Real Life, Real Grace: A taste of His Grace in the midst of life

Thanks and Love,