Commit Everything To The Lord

Proverbs 16

Proverbs 16


This verse is quite special to me. In Norway when we get married, some Christian couples will inscribe a Bible reference in their rings. The bride chooses a verse for her groom, and the groom for his bride.

This is the verse that I chose for my hubby. 🙂 My heart was for him to succeed in all that he did and all that he planned. This becomes a reality when we commit everything to the Lord.

While meditating on this verse today, I saw something that I haven’t noticed earlier.

You know how when you have done or said something – then theres a war going on in your mind? Well, commit whatever you have done – your projects, your sharing, whatever it is – to the Lord. Roll it over to Him. “I did this for you, Lord. If man approves or not, it’s ok. You love me, and I love you.” And then sense the peace and the rest that comes. Your thoughts are stable, settled and established. Also the fear of stepping up, doing something new, stepping out of your comfort zone doesn’t have that grip on you anymore.