Your Name In The Palm Of My Hands


“Yet Jerusalem says,
“The LORD has deserted us; the Lord has forgotten us.”

“Never! Can a mother forget her nursing child?
Can she feel no love for the child she has borne?

But even if that were possible, I would not forget you!
See, I have written your name on the palms of my hands.
Always in my mind is a picture of Jerusalem’s walls in ruins.”

Isaiah 49:14-16 NLT

Jerusalem’s walls are in ruins.
The people feel forgotten and deserted by God.

The Lord responds by saying:
Can a mother forget her nursing child?

This is such a beautiful imagery.
He sees Himself like a mother, and His people (us) as His nursing infants.

As a mother of three, I can relate.
Yup, a mother won’t forget her nursing child.

First of all, because the baby will cry whenever she has a need,
like when she needs milk – which is often!

Second, if the baby doesn’t cry, a mother’s breasts will remind her of the baby.
If the baby hasn’t fed in a while, the breasts will be full and overflowing of milk, and the mother desires for the baby to feed!

But even if a mother could forget, the Lord will never forget us.
He came to with truth and grace with us in mind.
He came to give His life, so that we may have eternal life with Him.
In the palm of His hands are the scars of nails from the cross.
Cross = Love
And His thoughts are always on us.
Like how His mind was always on Jerusalem’s walls in ruin.

He is Supply to our every need.