Lead With A God-Listening Heart

Solomon was only 19-20 years old
and newly appointed king of God’s chosen people
when God appeared to him in a dream and said,
“What can I give you? Ask.”
His response is beautiful:
“And now here I am: GOD, my God, 
you have made me, your servant, 
ruler of the kingdom in place of David my father. 
I’m too young for this, a mere child! 
I don’t know the ropes, 
hardly know the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of this job. 
And here I am, 
set down in the middle of the people you’ve chosen, 
a great people—far too many to ever count.
“Here’s what I want: 
Give me a God-listening heart 
so I can lead your people well, 
discerning the difference between good and evil. 
For who on their own is capable 
of leading your glorious people?”
1 Kings 3:7-9 MSG
To lead His glorious people… 
indeed, who is capable? 
How beautiful it is that we can lead well
when we have a God-listening heart. 
A life of dependence. 

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