Pierced Ears

Every 7th year the Israelites were to release their slaves. 
But if the slave didn’t want to leave, but would rather remain a slave in the household… 
“then take an awl and pierce through his earlobe into the doorpost, 
marking him as your slave forever.” 
Deuteronomy 15:16-17
Jesus is the great fulfillment of this willing bond-slave of God the Father (see  Psalm 40:6) 
and is perfectly shown in His sufferings at the cross: 
The Lord GOD has opened My ear; and I was not rebellious, 
nor did I turn away. I gave My back to those who struck Me …
(Isaiah 50:5-7)
Amazing love! For you and me.
As a believer, my response to His great love is to be a willing slave – a doulos – of The Lord. 
I find it such a privilege and honor to serve in the House. 
I got my ears pierced, too. 

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