Your Platform

Your Platform

“I’d like to hear the man myself,” Agrippa said. 

And Festus replied, “You will—tomorrow!”
Acts of the Apostles 25:22 NLT
Paul is still imprisoned. But what was meant to judge and execute him, became his PLATFORM to preach the good news to kings and mighty leaders of the Roman Empire! He is actually – in imprisonment – living out what God had planned for his life. To bear His Name to the Jews, the Gentiles, and kings. (Acts 9:15) Isn’t that amazing?

I speak that over us today, that the very circumstance that seems to be an obstacle to us, that seems worthy of our complaints, that stresses us – maybe, just maybe, that is our very platform to show His love, His grace, His wisdom and healing to the people that He loves so deeply. 


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