Who’s Your Philip?

Who’s Your Philip?

I used to read the Bible and not understand much. 

I couldn’t see beyond the words. 
I would listen to sermons, but not grasp what was being said.
BUT when I listened to the Word preached through pastor Åge and pastor Joseph Prince, 
it was like awakening from a blur, it was like music, like a light went on and I could see! 
My eyes were literally washed – with tears – haha. 
Such joy, relief, life… 
To be so loved, accepted, completely forgiven, made RIGHT with God
…without deserving it!
Oh, having them instruct and teach through REVEALING JESUS totally changed my life. The Bible came alive! The Word became a Person and a relationship.
I can totally relate to the eunuch in Acts 8:
Philip: Do you understand what you’re reading? 
The eunuch: How can I, unless someone instructs me? 
Beginning with the Scripture he was reading, Philip told him the Good News about Jesus. The eunuch got baptized and WENT AWAY REJOICING.

Who’s your Philip?

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