– Flogged…

– Ordered not to speak in the name of Jesus…
– Rejoicing because they had been counted worthy of suffering disgrace for the name…
– Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they NEVER STOPPED TEACHING and PROCLAIMING THE GOOD NEWS the Jesus is the Messiah. – Acts 5
Would you rejoice after being flogged for preaching the Good News?
I think perhaps we would question God?
We would say: I thought favor meant we would be appreciated, that things would be easy…?
Intrigued by their rejoicing for being counted worthy to suffer,
I suddenly saw it from a way different perspective.
Being put in jail, being flogged, being ordered to keep silent meant only one thing:
Their words and ministry carried so much weight that they COULD NOT BE IGNORED!
Not even by the the main leaders.
They had so much influence!
So many lives were touched and transformed!
So many people were healed!
They were so  happening that the leaders did everything to try and stop them!
Wow, such undeserved favor to have that kind of influence. 
And they just kept going, kept on preaching and teaching, pointing people to Christ.
Oh, how I love this: the extra-ordinary is so ordinary…
They taught in the temple courts, and in HOMES.
Let’s not underestimate what the Lord can do through you and me, too!
Like in our small groups, in our homes, when we’re meeting friends for lunch…
Remember that the extra-ordinary looks very ordinary.

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