We Don’t Know

We Don’t Know

They talked it over among themselves. “IF WE SAY… He will ask… BUT IF WE SAY… we’ll be mobbed… SO THEY FINALLY REPLIED, “WE DON’T KNOW.” – Matt 21:24-27
When I read this I thought to myself: I don’t want to live life like that! I know I may have replied just like these leading priests and elders… because it felt safest to say “I don’t know.” But how imprisoning that is… always trying to say what I think others expect me to say… trying to have the “right” opinion… or not daring to take a stand for anything …
No, I want to live according to the Truth that is in my heart. I want to speak according to my convictions. From the inside out. We are blessed and we are a blessing. We may speak in His authority. His words in our mouths bring healing, clarity, liberty, peace, love… Amen

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